When I read punkscully's college AU I couldn’t resist drawing punk med student Scully and geeky psych major Mulder.THEY HURT MY HEART. 


When I read punkscully's college AU I couldn’t resist drawing punk med student Scully and geeky psych major Mulder.



the youngest  person in the world just got born


Why is it that whenever Dean and Cas get together. They automatically forget that Sam is still around them and start staring.deep into each other’s soul

Castiel making Dean smile in season 9


So, unpopular opinion it is, but I personally want Gabriel to be dead. And certainly not because I don’t like him. Pretty much the opposite, I ADORE the hell outta him. The rebel angel who his brothers and sisters hurt so much everytime they were fighting and killing each other, who frigging loved them so much he just couldn’t stand watching them hurt anymore and decided to leave Heaven… I love his evolution, and I believe death is a very important part of it.

If you take away his death, it’s as of he didn’t sacrifice himself for the Winchesters — what am I saying, for humanity. It was just an easy trick he could have made any other day. And if it was the case, it wouldn’t have cost him anything.

The fact that he died, truly died from Lucifer’s hand is a risk Gabriel decided to take, because he’s matured. He finally decided he’s not going to run away anymore. He is certainly not a leader, but he was a coward. A very big one, and a douchebag who gave people lessons through his tricks but who never learned himself. Never until that night he decided to help the Winchesters escape from Lucifer.

For the first time, he didn’t run away but turned around and faced his fears — which are facing what a monster his brother has become while Gabriel was pointedly ignoring it all for it hurt him too much.

He knew he was going to die. But he showed up anywaybecause Gabriel had decided that humanity was worth the sacrifice. And maybe also because he hoped that after killing him Lucifer would finally snap out of his delusion that he could wipe out all humanity and accept his faith as second best in his Father’s eyes. Accept that this war is not only between he and humans but he and his family.

Gabriel died a hero, and his death was painful but so is life, and so are the things that really matter fighting for. The most important things and beliefs and freedom demand sacrifices.

Take away Gabriel’s death is take away his sacrifice, and the evolution his character has known, and the life lessons he’s learned. It’s taking away all of the powerful meaning behind it all.

So if you agree with this, please don’t “undead” him or repeatedly ask the writers to make him (because they could do it, to satisfy the audience *sigh*). They could always resurrect him, you know, which means bring him back from the dead and I have NO PROBLEMS with that. As long as he truly died that night, and believed it was the end.


TEAM FREE WILL: One pair of concerned boyfriends, and one moose caught in the awkward sexual tension.

Dean & Cas + phone calls

(5x04 - 9x18)